Michael John Angel

Maestro Michael John Angel

Painting the Human Figure from Photographs

August 3rd – 14th, 2015

Michael John Angel painting St. John

From Jan van Eyck, through Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Canaletto, Reynolds and Gainsborough, to Norman Rockwell and the present day, painters have always used the best technology available to them. Such technology includes the camera obscura, mirrors and photographs, and is extremely convenient, but surprisingly difficult. In this two-week workshop, maestro Michael John Angel will teach the class the proper use of photographs when painting the human figure in oils.

The course will begin with a few basic exercises and include various illustrated lectures in proportion, gesture, under-drawing and oil-painting materials. In the main part of the course, each student will produce an oil painting in full colour, using photographs.

Students will also receive various computer handouts, with illustrations, that encapsulate the method of drawing the human figure accurately. Other computer handouts will explain the different grounds, materials and mediums used in oil painting and describe the various layers used in a classic underpainting-overpainting oil technique.

There is also a one-hour lecture on the proper use of the camera when photographing the model.

The cost of this course is £2320 including 12 nights’ accommodation at the Liverpool Hope University, or £1680 without accommodation.

Juliette Aristides

Figure Drawing on Toned Paper

July 27th- 31st, 2015

Juliette's one week workshop is aimed at complete beginners or more experienced artists alike and teaches the methods and techniques of drawing the figure from life. Explore the line, proportion and atmospheric use of tone in this immersive figure-drawing workshop. Using the figure model as your subject, you look at many different aspects of figure drawing such as gesture, proportion, tone and form. The workshop is augmented by ongoing demonstrations, discussions and lectures related to figure drawing on toned paper.

Many of the skills taught in Juliette's class provide the perfect foundation for further study in Maestro's painting workshop that continues in the following two weeks. The cost of this course is £1,105 including 5 nights accommodation at the Liverpool Hope University or £840 without accommodation

Wendy Child

 Drawing the figure from Life  -   Wokingham -  15th - 19th Feb  2016

This workshop is for complete beginners or more experienced artists and will teach the 'Atelier' methods and techniques to attain accurate  drawing of the figure from life.
We will be  looking at line, proportion, capturing the gesture and  describing the construct. Drawing from the Live model you will learning all aspects of academic figure drawing.


Cost of this 1 week workshop  is £450  To register or for more information email

Landscape painting inside and out - Devon - August 15th - 27th 2016

River view








This workshop is for artist of all levels who wish to improve their landscape painting. We will be exploring the secrets of master landscape painting in the form of lectures and discussion in the classroom from photos and then we will be taking this out to the landscape to paint in 'plein air'. We will be covering In depth discussion on subjects including atmospheric and linear perspective, composition and more advanced techniques.  This course will be taught in Oil/Pastel but you bring watercolour or acrylic if you prefer 

The cost of this 2 week course is £850   To register or for more info email