Michael John Angel Studios has started a new venue to give painting and drawing workshops in Liverpool, England. Our purpose is to make the best instruction possible available to artists who want to improve their skills and understanding, but cannot attend a full-time programme. In the summer of 2015, we are starting off with two workshops: one given by Juliette Aristides, and the other by maestro Michael John Angel. Please see our workshops page for more information.

Liverpool is one of the great cities, certainly from the point of view of the representational artist. It contains two of the greatest art galleries for 19th-century painting outside of London or Paris—The Walker Gallery and the Lady Lever Gallery. Major paintings by Leighton, Alma-Tadema, Waterhouse and many others are all to be found here, and, as you will know, there is no substitute for studying these wonders at first hand. Liverpool Hope University has offered us the use of its studios and has also offered affordable accommodation for our students. The university is only a short walk from the Walker Gallery. Liverpool is also very affordable and was, in the 19th century, one of the beautiful and richest cities in the world.